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Ibrahim Roza-Click here to enlargeIBRAHIM ROZA:
Ibrahim Roza is a group of two buildings. This was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah-II. It was erected with the intention of burying the dead body of Ibrahim's Queen Taz Sultana, Since he died earlier in 1626 A.D. his body was laid in the dust here. Other tombs here are of Taz Sultana, Hazi Badi Saheb (Ibrahim's Mother), Jurana Sultana (Daughter) Daravesh Padsha and Sultan Suleman (His Sons). Builder was Malik Sandal.

Malik-E-Maidan Gun-Click here to enlargeMALIK-E-MAIDAN GUN:
This is casted alloy of five metals. Weighs about 55 tons. Gold content is about 11 tonnes. Gun is 4.3 Mtrs. long, 1.5 Mtrs. dia, Muzzle measures 70 cms. This gun was used in Rakkasa-Tangadagi war which created much destruction to Vijayanagar Army. Arrangements were made to sell this gun for Rs.150/- during 1854 A.D. The Bombay Govt. thought of sending the gun is prepared by one Mohammad Adil Shah, son of Rumi in 1529 A.D.
Gagan Mahal-Click here to enlargeGAGAN MAHAL:
It is said to have been constructed by Adil Shah-I, in 1561 A.D. The first floor of the building is dilapidated. It served as the royal palace. The big arch is 18.6 mtrs broad.
Jal Mandir-Click here to enlargeJAL MANDIR:
Jal Mandir is located near the Sath Manzil Cistern in the centre of which the woom stands, served as a place of resort to the royal ladies.
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