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Golgumbaz-Click here to enlargeGOLGUMBAZ:
It measures 62.5 mtrs square. The maximum height of the dome is 60.5 mtrs. External diameter of the dome is 44 mtrs, while interior dome measures 38 mtrs dia. Innner part of the dome is 54 mtrs high, with 3.3 mtr. wide gallery, projecting from the lower edge of the dome. The thickness of the wall of the dome varies from 2 to 3.75 mtrs. as it goes up. It is a world famous "WHISPERING GALLERY". Seven of echoes can be heard clearly. From east to west Five tombs are 1. Mohammad Adil Shah's grandson. 2.Arus bibi (Mohammad Adil Shah's Queen) 3.Sultan Mohammad Adil Shah, 4&5 are of his two daughters. The real tombs are located in the underground hall.

Jami Masjid-Click here to enlargeJAMI MASJID:
Ali Adil Shah-I (1558-1580) got this masjid constructed, area measures about 10,810 sq.meters. It has nine big arches at the facade, these deepen into Five arches, with a big dome. The sultan Mohammad the 'Meharab' (Altar) in golden colour (1636 A.D.)
Mehtar Mahal-Click here to enlargeMEHTAR MAHAL:
It is most beautiful monument popularity known as 'Mahal', is really an entrance to the mosque standing behind it. It is believed to be constructed in 1620 A.D.
Asar Mahal-Click here to enlargeASAR MAHAL:
Originally it was 'Dad Mahal' (Court of Justice) in late years it came to known as 'Asar Mahal' (Place of Antiquity), as two hairs from the beard of Prophet Mohammad came to be enshrined here. Sultan Mohammad Adil Shah built this in 1646 A.D.
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